Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fab-Four Filtering Meditation

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The Fab Four Filtering Meditation
Daytona Beach, Fl, 07/03/07
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese
Copyright 2007
This meditation helps to filter through your thoughts and helps to build perspectives through which to analyze plans of action.
It may be done in conjunction with various other meditations offered on this web-site, which I think would help you do this better. A stilled mind works much clearer.
There are four keywords, if I may borrow from internet terminology, which I call the Fab Four...Imagine that these four words are like four company executives at a meeting, each with his/her special oversight, as various ideas are tossed around.
How it works is that as each word is repeated in succession over and over and your thought process goes on as it always does, the thoughts tend to gravitate towards one or other keyword, and as you are witnessing this interplay, it helps you to better evaluate your mindstuff. they are...try it...enjoy! oh kindest people!
Desirable Outcomes
Divine Intervention
Divine intervention is for those of you that believe in the power of prayer
repeat each word and leave a gap of about 10 to 15 seconds between each as your thoughts magnetize around and form patterns
doing Stressbuster intermittently really helps to keep the mind stilled so you can best appreciate the interplay
keep a pen and pad nearby to write down what comes out...if you don't you might forget them
then read this stuff in your normal state of mind a day or two later
as you do this meditation day after day, you will develop a strong sense of what you really need to do
as you can see...everything is possible...much less is probable...our desires might override...and then there is Divine intervention
and so you see the interplay of this meditation
and here they are in Sanskrit, for those who would prefer to employ the power of Sanskrit
Desirable Outcomes=Prartheetam
Divine Intervention=Day Vwa Eesha
And also, visualize having achieved your desires somewhere in the mix of this meditation. Include as many details as you can about this scenario of success...describe the decor...smiling faces...signing the contract or someone handing you a check for a million dollars... do it often!
I also tried the Sanskrit words as a mantra and that works pretty it is...
Oopa Panya Kaw Mam Prar Tee Tam Day Vwa Eesha

repeat this over and over again as a meditation.
or try this mixture!...
Oopa Panya Kaw Mam Prar Tee Tam Day Vwa Eesha
Oopa Panya Kaw Mam Prar Tee Tam Day Vwa Eesha
Desirable Outcomes
Oopa Panya Kaw Mam Prar Tee Tam Day Vwa Eesha
Divine Intervention
Oopa Panya Kaw Mam Prar Tee Tam Day Vwa Eesha
Use divine providence and/or divine and loving guidance too
and be very mindful of the power of your thoughts to manifesting your desires...visualize!
the secret is all about the field of all possibilities...and how you can master within yourself...the possibilities that you want to entertain...instead of going into the default pattern of possibilities...
it's actually hard work in the beginning to do so because we are unaccustomed to doing things this way...but like anything else, it gets easier with practice
repetition changes remote possibilities into more real possibilities through acclamation
possibilities become probabilities because of time and repetition
eventually you come to a place where you wonder why you doubted yourself about the thing in the first place

enjoy! oh kindest people
as always, it is my supreme pleasure to enlighten you
Don Jyovi